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Funky Florists was formed by myself, Denise Harvey, in 2006. Each year that goes by, sees new trends & new inspirations for interiors of wedding venues.†† Any room will have its heart lifted by flowers so when it comes to family gatherings and wedding celebrations, then make a feature with your flower arrangements & get the show stopping results you wish for.

I adore creating artisan bouquets for brides & their bridesmaids and I donít want to leave the mums out of the creations either, as I love to design personalised brooches & bracelets! Your wedding day should be the most beautiful and memorable day you have ever experienced & Funky Florists loves being a part of this. We have a Wedding Room that you may book an appointment to visit us in, so that we can personalise your wedding dreams and wishes to produce a wedding flower quote for you. To make an appointment please telephone: 01332 511282†† or email: